Denny tried annually to get life insurance but did not qualify due to his severe Crohn’s disease. It is a misconception that suicide nullifies life insurance. Without the Crohn’s disease, Dani would have been able to get a substantial amount of money to help her continue to mostly stay home with her girls and work only part time. Dani and her daughters need as much time as possible to heal from this trauma and to find some consistency, balance, and peace before she can return towork. To read more about the life insurance situation, click here.
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Emotional Support:  
From Dani’s Facebook: “Friends and Family, we are trying to gather as many pictures and videos of Denny Bates as possible. If you could please send them to 
We also want to start gathering stories. You are welcome to email written stories or recordings of your voice. The absolute best option would be a video of you telling the story. It can be any story you have about Denny. Inappropriate (I know most of them are), funny, serious, sweet… everything. I want to have them as my girls grow up. I will only share the age appropriate ones😉, but I want them to know their dad. Please help me with this. I want them to see your faces. I want them to know the people that Denny knew and loved. I feel like this is one of the best ways to help them know their daddy. 

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