I keep saying Denny was the BEST dad. And I’m not just saying that. He actually was. I always told him this, but now I can brag about it on social media all I want. He was there for almost every doctors appt. Whether it was a “well check” or a visit because of a fever, he would go with us or meet us there. If a baby was sick he would do everything in his power to come home early or take off work. He hated seeing the people he loved in pain. Especially me and the two girls. If Winnie just wanted to be held all day, he would sit and snuggle her and watch whatever movie she wanted for as long as she needed to rest (even Barbie). He was taking two hard core medications that suppress your immune system (Crohn’s) but he never seemed to get sick. So he was always taking care of the rest of us. Winnie was coughing all night last night and Piper started this morning. They both have Croup with Stridor. Most kids get Croup at some point I think. It’s not that big of a deal. But for us it is. Now I have two screaming kids who want me to hold them. They both cry and that makes their throats hurt more and makes it harder for them to breathe and that freaks them out and causes them to cry more… But it’s not easy to hold two screaming feverish babies all night and then all day after not sleeping. Thank goodness for my sister who stepped in to help this morning. So I know that lots of single parents deal with this, right? Gosh it sucks. And my heart hurts for all of the single parents out there. But there’s something that stings a little extra when I think about the fact that Denny chose to leave us. Does that make sense? It’s not like I’m mad. And I know, I know, I have a right to be. I’ve heard it lots of times. I’m not mad. But I didn’t choose this and he chose it for me. So it stings. And it just makes me so so sad. We were such good teammates. We were a good pair of parents. And I know he wasn’t in his right mind. And I’m sure he’s hurting for us right now having to watch all of this and not being able to physically step in and help. It hurts my heart. I’m sad for us to not have him and I’m sad for him because I know he wishes more than anything right now he could just hold his girls.

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  1. Finally someone else said it. He chose it. I was 11 when my dad killed himself. Now 40 years old with 2 girls of my own that he chose to never meet.

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