Winnie put stickers on the casket during the funeral. My sister was worried I would be upset about it as she was doing it during my talk. I loved it and told her to keep putting more on there. What a cute little tribute to Denny from his best buddy. Winnie has been doing a little bit better (despite BOTH girls having a double ear infection 🙄). She’s more social and wanting to go play. Which is good for me. I’m exhausted in every sense of the word and in every possible way. I definitely need some breaks. It’s so fun to see her smiling and happy and being her sunshine and rainbow self. She loves friends, especially girls that are older than her. But her favorite is when there is a “Daddy” there. A particularly amazing neighbor/friend has taken W every day for several days in a row for at least a few hours at a time. She says she likes to play with Brian because he’s a daddy. She wants to watch baseball and play catch with him. It’s equally sweet and heartbreaking. The daddy she insists on coming to our house is Thom, Denny’s best friend/business partner and the only other person to know (almost) as much about Denny as I do. But any dude who comes over, be warned, she will probably ask you to throw her in the air four thousand times because that was one of her favorite activities to do with Daddy. It’s good. She talks about him a lot. And she almost always mentions, “You’re so much bigger than Daddy,” which isn’t hard to accomplish. And then she’ll often say, “Daddy is so much stronger than you.” 😂 He was her super hero. He is her super hero. And I hope she always sees him that way. I’m so grateful for so many people helping me right now from sending gifts, Easter stuff, watching my girls so I can go to therapy or sleep or finish 1 of the million things I still need to do this week, helping me get them outside to play, helping me get them ready for bed, reading to them, sending snacks and coloring books and activities to help entertain them. Some have even been anonymous (please just don’t poison us, we have enough drama in our lives 😉). Thank you. So so much. P.s. If you’ve messaged/texted/emailed me… I will get back to you eventually. Promise. Workin on it.

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