If you go listen to this week’s podcast, I’m turning the questions back on Thom. Thom is my co-host and Denny’s absolute best friend of almost 15 years. Thom and his wife have been incredibly supportive of me the past few months and were that for Denny for many years.

Denny and Thom have some pretty epic stories and went through a lot of life together. It’s quite entertaining. I miss listening to their back and forth. I miss them teasing me endlessly. Weird, but true. I feel I’m obligated to tease Thom because Denny was the ultimate teaser and to get back at him a little bit for the years they teased me. I know Thom’s sense of humor has gone downhill since Denny passed away as well because Thom actually laughs at my jokes. They used to both just kind of look at me blankly when I would try to interject in their conversations. I miss it so much.

This week’s episode, when we ask Thom about him and his relationship with Denny, he shares that his all-time favorite memories are the “White Trash Parties.” Many people knew of Denny JUST because of the White Trash Parties. For ten years in a row, Denny and his friends, and dozens of other people would dress up in their most stereotypical “white trash” garb and listen to redneck music, eat hotdogs, pretzels, and rootbeer out of bottles that looked like beer, arm wrestle, dance, and “act like idiots” as Mike, our editor says (one of the original White Trash Partiers). These parties were infamous around Utah and people would often tell me, “I know your husband from his White Trash Parties!” Which would cause my eyes to roll. But it made him happy. Even if I thought it was insane. I participated 2 times as shown in the pictures below.

I promised I’d share some of these pictures from over the years in a post. So, my friends, here you are. Fair warning: They aren’t pretty. Most of them are just of Denny. I don’t want to put pictures of people on here without permission.

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