Hey guys! My name is Gabi, I’m Dani’s sister. Dani won’t ever post this so I’m stealing her phone and doing it for her and I want all of you to share it too. So many people are asking how to help her and her two girls. If you have been touched or affected by this story at all, we’d love if you’d donate even a dollar or $5 to her and her kids. Denny had Crohn’s disease and despite trying yearly couldn’t get qualified for life insurance. So now Dani has to figure out how to provide for her little family on her own without having any work experience for several years and while trying to heal and trying to help her girls heal. It’s a long process and going to work full time would be detrimental right now. Plus! She wants to keep doing this! She wants to keep saving lives and she can’t do that if she has to get a job soon. Whatever you have to offer will help and if you can’t help financially, repost this to your feed! Let’s help this sweet little family and show them how much we appreciate all they are doing to bring awareness and save lives. It’s @DaniEBates on Venmo, Paypal.me/danibatesfamily or daniebates@gmail.com for Paypal, or search for “Dani Bates” on Gofundme for the page her friends set up for them. Any questions? Find me at @gabi__is on Instagram 💕💕

Venmo: copy and paste into search @DaniEBates

Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/danibatesfamily

Gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/f/71tvj1k

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