This is the post that has links to some of the products I shared in the video below. These are gifts that we've been sent by some of you amazing humans who are so supportive and so kind. Thank you so much. See video here

Dude’s Day

Can she feel it? Can she sense what's happening today? Does she know it's supposed to be a celebration? Can she perceive my sadness that I'm desperately trying to hide just to get through this day? She's only three. This is her fourth Father's Day during her lifetime. She doesn't remember last year or the … Continue reading Dude’s Day

5 years

A lot of feelings today and a lot of things to say, but it's all kind of jumbled in my brain. I keep thinking of what I want to say and then get mixed up and can't put it into words anymore. We took a trip to Las Vegas this week. It's probably Denny’s favorite … Continue reading 5 years