We had a victory this last weekend. Winnie was able to stay somewhere else overnight. My aunt, my mother's sister, has been the most involved family member over the last few months (and since after my mom died). This is the aunt who told me she was glad I was mad last weekend. Winnie went … Continue reading Victories


It's been two months today. This probably gets obnoxious to some people, but each time I get down another week or reach a monthly milestone, it's huge. I don't know why because logically, the date shouldn't really matter that much. But it does to me. It feels like a relief that I got through another … Continue reading Punch


The floodgates opened this weekend. I don't know how or why but they did. I've been thinking more about Denny’s choices in life lately. How those things will affect me and our girls. Not just him taking his life. But stuff before that. The good choices... there are so many. He chose to become sober … Continue reading Anger


A few weeks ago, on a Thursday, I went to the social security office. The kids and I get monthly survivor's benefits. This is just part of the social security program for everyone who pays into it. I went in hoping it would just cover my rent. Not having life insurance, I have to figure … Continue reading Security